We do our best to help you to improve your results. For this reason we added “Advanced settings”. You can find them while creating or managing your smartlinks here http://joxi.ru/52aZ3vQiGq0PBA
This feature includes 4 scripts that you can pick according to your traffic sources and enable or disable them whenever you want.

Below you can check how each of them works:

Back button redirect the script that replaces your browser history, a user will see the button “back” "←" in his browser. By the click on this button he will be redirected to your offer. 

Enter pop-up evokes the pop-up with motivational text before a user gets to the jump page. That script shows the best results with popunder traffic.

Exit pop-up evokes the pop-up when a user is trying to close the jump page. The user will see the pop-up with the question: "Do you really want to leave this page", with yes/no answer options.

Enable push– this script activates the feature of collecting permissions and info from your users into a single database to monetize it later through push notifications. This is one of the new and efficient tools we’ve launched to increase your total earnings.
More detailed about this script you can read by clicking on the button below

Extra offer -  this script is intended for additional monetization, by opening not one, but 2 offers after passing the prelanders.
This script works on all verticals, with the  turned on prelanders.
Verticals and types of extra offers are selected by us and won't be changed by  the request. This script won't work, if you use proxy or vpn.

Direct traffic this script turns off all prelanders on your smartlink. If you enable it, all other scripts will be deactivated.

We suggest you to use the next sets of scripts.
For banner and social traffic:
BackOffer+Exit popup
For popunder traffic:
BackOffer+Enter popup
BackOffer+Exit+Enter popup

In cause of any questions, please ping your manager or write us support@imonetizeit.com

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