Enable push – this script activates the feature of collecting permissions and info from your users into a single database to monetize it later through push notifications. This is one of the new and efficient tools we’ve launched to increase your total earnings.
How it works: while creating or editing your smartlink please activate script Enable push: https://monosnap.com/file/ejXhcdiB7KA0sBZDFl9WIwmkhTAdM8

Afterwards a new parameter j5=70 will be added to your URL which thus will activate userbase creation for further monetization via push notifications. 

Permissions are collected on prelanders (for example:
https://monosnap.com/file/98KiqWvkTx8aszSiCML7GqSXbypWtT): after a user clicks on the button Chat NOW they’re going to be asked to allow sending them push notifications (https://monosnap.com/file/m8Za4unNd6DMzD3lquqSmJe3yJQP1N) so in case such a consent is given this user ends up in your push database, which we’re going to monetize by sending push notification from now on.

We’re going to send send push notifications to your userbase every day. Here are some of the examples of those:


If a user from your base performs a target action (registration, sale, etc.) upon clicking on the push notification this conversion is recorded and added directly to your stats (along with the respective commission).

It’s possible to see that a conversion has been generated through push notifications by choosing Show token 1 in the Smartlink statistics section of your account:
A few important points to keep in mind:

  • Push notifications are going to work only on WEB in browsers (Chrome,Mozilla Firefox) and WAP (Android).
  • This script will work only on our prelanders so in case you have Direct traffic feature on (https://monosnap.com/file/f4P8jKHMfc2IAgHKCXdFMtlF6MHTyI) we won’t be able to collect push user base.
  • We’ll be in full charge of setting the frequency and look of push notifications and won’t be able to apply custom settings specifically to your account.
  • We’re not able to give any estimates of how well push notifications are going to perform for your traffic and users – everything needs to be tested.
  • It could happen that you might see an initial drop in prelander CTR and thus your overall performance might decrease a little; but soon, once a certain number of users join your push database to be monetized, earnings from their conversions will close the gap and further improve the total results.
  • A user from your base will receive push notifications until they unsubscribe.
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