1. Entry to the “Summer game” (Lottery) is available only for iMonetizeIt partners, who have activated the Loyalty programme.

2. Start date of the Lottery - 03.08.20 .End date of the Lottery - 01.09.20 The winners will be chosen by Random.org in three separate categories (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

3. The number of tickets purchased by one partner is unlimited.

4. Each coin has unique promo-code and corresponds to different categories of the lottery:

Silver iMonet=100 loyalty points - participation in the Lottery with 10x Apple Watch 5

Gold iMonet= 500 loyalty points - participation in the Lottery with 5x iPhone 11 Pro Max

Platinum iMonet=1000 loyalty points - participation in the Lottery with 5x MacBook Pro 16”

5. A participant can buy iMonets in any category of the lottery, if the partner has enough loyalty points for purchasing iMonets.

6. Participation in the Lottery is only the chance to win one of the prizes, but not getting a guaranteed prize.

7. The Bonus Points that are spent during the Lottery are not refunded after the end of Lottery.

8. Bonus Points that are spent on iMonets are not refunded in case of losing in the Lottery

9. Unused Bonus Points will be deleted from the system with the end of the Loyalty Program.

10. A participant is responsible for his/her Promo Code retention after purchase.

11. Promo code will be deleted from the system without a returning of Bonus Points in case of its loss.

12. iMonetizeIt is not responsible for dissemination of Promo code to third parties and reserves the right to delete this Promo Code from the Lottery without refund of Bonus Points.

13. The present will be delivered to the winner during 4-6 weeks after the end of the Lottery.

14. Promo code can not be returned or exchanged for others presents, which are not announced in the Lottery.

15. The Lottery is the final part of work of the Loyalty Program.

16. Purchasing Promo codes, the participants agreed automatically with the Terms & Conditions of this Lottery.

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