To enable the Telegram bot go to the menu -> Profile.

Then go to the Notifications tab and click Active, you will see the pop up, click Start.

You will be redirected to the web page where you need to click Send message.

After that you will be redirected to the Telegram in the chat you need to click Start in order to activate the bot.

You will receive the next notifications:

1) Account login.

2) Payment method addition.

3) Payment method change.

4) Balance change.

5) Payment request creation.

6) Vertical activation.

7) Offer activation.

8) Conversion offer cap change.

9) Reaching 80% cap on the offer.

10) Offer payout change.

11) Offer stop.

12) Account deactivation.

Also you can launch some requests to receive the next information:

1) Account balance.

2) Yesterday earnings.

3) Month earnings.

Well, that's a start 😉

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